N2S Technologies


N2S Technologies

2021-07-30 5:22 AM
We are the best plastic injection molding machine components and Auxiliary equipment supplier in India. Our products include PLC Controller, hopper dryer, hopper loader, mold clamp, linear scale, servo system, IMM electricity motor, plastic... Read More

Mold Clamp

2021-07-30 5:43 AM
N2S Technologies is a supplier of Mould Clamp which are widely used in plastic molding machineries. Our mold clamps are made up of fine quality materials in Steel and designed using advanced technology with dimensionally accurate. Read More

Linear Scale

2021-07-30 5:39 AM
Linear scale rod type models were available in the market with many brands, but the linear scale we offer is the best in its functionality and quality than others. For attractive prices on a linear scale (Rod Type)for injection molding machine,... Read More


2021-07-30 5:37 AM
The Auto Loaders are used to transfer pellets and regrind from a single source to a single destination in facilities that do not have centralized conveying systems. They usually adopt a series of single phase carbon brush motor with superior... Read More

Plastic Granules Dryer

2021-07-30 5:35 AM
A Hopper dryer is used to remove moisture from hygroscopic and non-hygroscopic plastic resins obtained on the plastic molding. It is very important to use the dryers properly because failure to use it might fail to absorb the moisture by means of... Read More

Injection Molding Controller

2021-07-30 5:31 AM
N2S Technologies Pvt Ltd is the well-known supplier and solution provider of IMM Injection Molding Machine Controller in India. Our versatile and efficient controllers are designed specially to meet the automation needs of plastic molding... Read More
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